Computing and Artificial Intelligence in Digital Therapeutics

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Exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Computing for Digital Therapeutics across Healthcare sectors

The research topic of this collection of scientific articles focuses on the use of digital technologies to improve healthcare outcomes. The articles explore the use of digital therapeutics, AI models, conversational agents, and smartphone applications to treat a variety of conditions, such as diabetes, depression, and methamphetamine use disorder. Additionally, the articles discuss the use of assessment models, risk prediction models, and data analysis platforms to evaluate the innovation performance of healthcare organizations in the digital health era.

The research highlights the potential of digital therapeutics to treat psychological diseases, such as depression, with conversational agents being the most promising technique. It also examines the efficacy of smartphone-based digital therapeutics in treating methamphetamine use disorder, and the feasibility of using a conversational agent to collect thought record data in dialog. Furthermore, the research investigates criteria for patients' readiness to use AI-based primary care applications during the coronavirus pandemic, and the concept of a digital therapeutic alliance in the context of fully automated mental health smartphone apps.

Finally, the research explores the use of AI models in collaboration with clinicians to predict the need for oxygen in patients with COVID-19, and the prevalence of digital applications for chronic pain management. It also examines the ability to derive social determinants of health from underserved populations, and the use of Statistics Canada's Canadian Perspectives Survey Series to identify the level of anxiety among Canadians during the first and second phases of COVID-19.

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