World Water Day 2022: Importance of WASH, Equal Access Opportunities, and WASH Resilience - A Social-Inclusion Perspective

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Highlighting the impact of lack of WASH services on global health and socio-economic equality.

This research topic explores the various forms of violence and discrimination that women and girls face when accessing WASH services, as well as the gender-transformative approaches that can be used to support WASH practitioners. It also examines the decision-making processes of women in relation to water collection, the human rights of people experiencing homelessness, the rights of sanitation workers, and the menstrual health needs of women and girls with disabilities.

  • Analysis of data from Bangladesh to examine factors that make women vulnerable to sextortion
  • Conceptual framework and case examples to support WASH practitioners in integrating gender-transformative practice
  • Women in India have freedom to make sanitation-related decisions in the household, but lack confidence to take on leadership roles
  • Partnerships between WASH and GESI organisations to increase inclusion and empowerment outcomes
  • Women's standards for water quality vary depending on the planned use of the water
  • Barriers to safe water, sanitation and hygiene access for people experiencing homelessness in Mexico City
  • Factors that shape gender-transformative leadership, and the enabling factors and barriers to it
  • Need for an intersectional, interdisciplinary approach to support sanitation workers to realize rights to fair living and working conditions
  • Women and girls with disabilities are often excluded from menstrual health efforts during emergencies
  • Policy commitments to disability-inclusive WASH are not always enacted systematically
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