Digital Innovation and Global Public Health: Pathways for Sustainable Entry of Digital Innovations into LMIC Health Systems

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Exploring pathways to support the entry of digital technologies into low- and middle-income country's healthcare

Research in global health has made great strides in providing solutions to the need for innovation and managerial capacity building. Antigen tests have been used to decentralize testing, and digital solutions have been developed to ensure accurate and timely reporting of testing data. In addition, research has been conducted to investigate the feasibility of delivering PrEP and PEP via an online pharmacy, as well as the effect of price value on purchase intention among patients with chronic diseases.

Assistive technology for the differently abled and older adults has been developed to help people with physical impairments lead a more independent life. Mobile applications have been evaluated for their quality and classification in providing sexual and reproductive health services to adolescents in low- and middle-income countries. Healthcare barriers faced by Syrian refugee women have been explored, and telemedicine has been found to be a viable option for receiving clinical recommendations from medical experts located remotely.

Young people in Tamale, Ghana have a positive perception of using mobile phones to access reproductive health services, and a web-based continuum of care intervention model has been developed to provide comprehensive care interventions for obese children with NAFLD. Consumer-grade wearables have been used to generate individual-level data in vulnerable populations in low- and middle-income countries, and an online geospatial platform has been developed to support healthcare workers in performing data visualization and predicting the TB incidence in space and time.

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