Structure and Function of Chloroplasts

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Exploring the evolutionary origin, protective mechanisms and regulatory pathways of chloroplasts

This research topic covers a wide range of topics related to photosynthesis, chloroplast development, and other related processes. Highlights include:

  • Mg-chelatase subunits involved in chlorophyll biosynthesis, which have evolved from two rounds of gene duplication events.
  • Bilins, linear tetrapyrroles essential for chlorophyll biosynthesis, and their interaction with the rate-limiting chlorophyll biosynthetic enzyme.
  • Euglenoids, unique protists that can grow under different conditions and accumulate different lipids and proteins.
  • Advances in single-particle cryo-electron microscopy, X-ray free electron laser, and other techniques to reveal unprecedented structural and catalytic details concerning the two photosystem supercomplexes involved in photosynthesis.
  • Molecular functions of the assembly and transfer factors involved in the plastidial sulfur mobilization (SUF) pathway.
  • Features and activities of DLPs with a focus on their potential presence and activity in chloroplasts and cyanobacteria.
  • The role of SKL1 in auxin-related pathways during chloroplast development.
  • Galactosyltransferases and pathways to provide additional DGDG in response to changing environmental conditions.
  • Chlorophyll fluorescence as a phenotyping tool for the identification of factors relevant to photosynthesis.
  • PpGLK1 regulating chloroplast development in green tissues in peach.
  • Cyanobacterial NDH-1 interacting with photosystem I (PSI) to form an NDH-1-PSI supercomplex.
  • The nuclear gene DWARF AND YELLOW 1 (DY1) required for chlorophyll and carotenoid metabolism.
  • The role of CGLD1 in chloroplast division.
  • A method for real-time monitoring of the stromal pH in buffered, isolated chloroplasts.
  • The CorA family of Mg2+
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